Utah Fishing Report Updated

Fellow Fishermen,

Well, I have updated the fishing reports for the state of Utah. I’m quite excited to get out there and do some good fall fishing. It seems they are planning on stocking Deer Creek with 70,000 10-12 inch trout this weekend. I have been to Deer Creek a few times and was quite unsuccessful using spinners, powerbait, and other lures. All of which have normally produced quite a few fish. So I am excited to have some better fishing opportunities in a lake that is 20 minutes from my home.

It seems the fishing reports for Utah Lake, and Lake Powell have calmed down a little bit from their good fishing reports they have received all summer. Weber River still seems to be producing good fish as it always does.

Once again this is the perfect time to get out and catch some fish. The weather is perfect, definitely not hot, and not quite cold yet. The fish are hungry and coming to shallower waters. Get out and enjoy this wonderful fall weather. It is very rare we have this kind of weather in the month of October, I know personally because my birthday is in October so I have a very vivid remembrance of the weather throughout this month. Also, I have been hunting the last few years and have had to deal with snow while looking for a deer or elk.

Thanks for checking out AmericanFishFinder.com. As always we are trying to develop the site to fit your needs in the easiest and cleanest form possible. User friendly is our goal as we present information in a logical fashion.

Ricky Taggart

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